Mission & Vision

Go therefore and make disciples...

The Vision

We see a church that loves God. We see a church that is so transformed by God that the community is transformed as well.  We see a church full of strong, passionate, and contagious worship worthy of our great God.  A Christ-centered church that points to Jesus as the Savior of all men and women regardless of their unique qualities and experiences.  We see a compassionate church where repentant hearts are placing their faith in Jesus for salvation.  We see a mature church ready to equip and send these believers back into its community with the gospel of Jesus.  We see a prayerful church utterly dependent on the Word of God and the Holy Spirit where lives and hearts are changed forever.  We see an innovative and creative church with a message of truth clear enough to penetrate the noise of our culture and direct attention to the source of all hope and joy in this life and in eternity.  

We see a church that loves Gilmer.  We see a church that recognizes it's God given role in the redemption of Gilmer.  We see a church that brings gospel restoration to its community.  We see the effects of the gospel transforming individuals, lives, families, and businesses for the glory of God.  We see a church that is known by what it stands for rather than only what it stands against.  We see a church so valuable to its community that our government, schools, and families come to see us as an ally for the good of Gilmer.  We see a church that reveals the gospel to its community by demonstrating it through direct involvement in like-minded organizations and ministries that redeem the culture.

We believe God is working to make our church this church…

The Mission

"As a disciple making church family, we seek to know, enjoy, and glorify God by the power of the Holy Spirit as we equip and send believers to lovingly share and demonstrate the good news of Jesus with the people in our local and worldwide communities."

Disciple Making Family: In Christ we have been brought into the family of God (Jn 1:12) and are now members of the Church which is the body of Christ (1 Cor 12:27). As a body we seek to build up and disciple one another, as well as equipping families to disciple within their homes.

Knowing, Enjoying, and Glorifying God: We believe that the ultimate purpose of man is to glorify and enjoy God forever. And as we worship, enjoy, and glorify God, our lives are transformed by the gospel of Jesus Christ through the power and working of the Holy Spirit (2 Cor 3:18).

Power of the Holy Spirit: We believe that the Holy Spirit enables us to be saved (1 Cor 12:3), seals us in the promises of God (Eph 1:13), and empowers and equips believers to build up the body of Christ into holiness (Romans 12, 1 Cor 12). We affirm the continuation of the gifts of the Holy Spirit, and we believe that the application of these gifts must follow the biblical guidelines (1 Cor 14).

Equipping and Sending: As a church we strive to equip every believer for the work of the ministry (Eph 4:12). We accomplish this by providing the necessary tools and sound doctrine to effectively go into the community proclaiming and living out the Gospel of Jesus Christ (Titus 2:1, 2 Tim 2:15, Mt 28:19-20, Mark 16:15).

Sharing and Demonstrating: We believe that the Church must share the Gospel in word (Rom 10:14) and in action (Js 2:17). We do this by actively reaching out to the community through intentional relationships, preaching the word and serving those around us (Romans 15:18, Luke 10:25-37).

Good News of Jesus: The Gospel is the good news that God saves sinners and restores all of creation through Christ's atoning death and resurrection (1 Cor 15:1-4). We believe that the Gospel is the foundation for everything we do in our personal lives and corporately as the Church (Romans 1:16). A biblical understanding of the Gospel brings believers to rely on Jesus rather than themselves, and provokes us to worship in Spirit and in truth (Romans 1:16, Phil 3:9, John 4:24).

Local and Global Community: As a church we are called to be a salt and light to the world, proclaiming the Gospel not only to our local community, but to the ends of the earth (Matt 5:13-16, 28:18-20).

What  We Do

We Point to Jesus.

Jesus is the source of every good gift and the solution to every human’s deepest needs.  The good news of Jesus is all we have to offer this world.  Jesus is the center of all we are here.  That will never change.  We will lift Jesus higher and higher and higher until our entire community sees His majesty and glory…His love and His grace.

We love all people.

God is love. Nothing is ever going to stop us from biblically loving anyone at all…not race, gender, background, status, style, finances, their past or their present.  Every person we encounter is a person for whom Christ offers salvation.  We choose to love like Jesus loved demonstrating grace while pursuing conformity to God’s will and ways as revealed in scripture. 

We value excellence, quality, and creativity in all we do.

As God’s hands and feet and His church we choose to do what it takes to operate with excellence, quality, and creativity in everything we do. 

We pursue transformation that leads to multiplication.

We will not settle for attraction-based growth.  We pursue transformation-based growth.  We believe that life transformation multiplies as we make disciples.  We are a disciple making church. 

We grow larger and smaller.

We want to grow wider because every person in Gilmer is a person for whom Christ offers salvation.  We want to grow smaller because God desires all of us to live in a missional Christian community. 

We pray first and act in faith.

We are a Holy Spirit dependent church.  We pray first but do not stop there.  We follow through and act in faith.  We believe God answers the prayers of His people according to His will. 

We value the next generation.

We are willing to do the extra work to equip families to invest in their kids as we partner with them.  Our children’s and youth ministries will always be a top priority.  We constantly seek ways to engage in intergenerational discipleship as the family of God. 

We are a joyful people.

The truth we have placed our faith in gives us supernatural perspective and gives us joy.  Joy is a fruit of the spirit and is evident here.  We choose joy through any circumstance.  We do not hide the pain we face, but we do approach it with the joy that comes from the eternal perspective we have through the gospel of Jesus. 

We love Gilmer.

We are here as God’s ambassadors for the world and for Gilmer not against it.  We are here to share the message of Jesus through our words and actions.  We love our community and work hard to demonstrate Christ’s love to everyone in it.  We stand with our amazing community leaders and like minded organizations for the good of Gilmer. 

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